Teaching Writing Is Not Teaching Genre

In many parts of Australia the teaching of writing has become formulaic as students are taught the formulae for various text types. We assert that if we broaden the focus on writing and move away from this current classroom practice, teachers can begin to identify quite different criteria as to what makes ‘good’ writing. Such criteria help teachers understand the relationship between audience, purpose and linguistic choice.

This session explores the features of good writing by examining excerpts from children’s literature and student writing samples.  Participants will be given the opportunity to explore the relationship between audience, purpose and linguistic choice. Finally we will demonstrate what this means for the teaching of writing in K-6 classrooms.

This session is based on Writing Instruction K-6: Understanding Process, Purpose, Audience (2006) by Turbill and Bean published by Richard Owens Publishers NY
It is a practical session with lots of samples to show the impact of this approach on student writing at all ages.


Book available from: http://www.rcowen.com/index.htm

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