Project Management and Professional Learning

We have a strong reputation for managing small projects on time and on budget. Successful contracts have been undertaken for government agencies, Copyright Agency  and various universities.

For over 20 years we have successfully offered a range of evidenced-based professional learning processes designed to meet the specific needs of a school.

Mentoring of leadership teams and teachers has proven to bring long lasting change within the school.  We can work directly with teachers or with a key literacy person in the school. The latter has the advantage of building capacity within the school while being supportive and recognising the demands on time.

A variety of processes are available. The  topics described below are a sample the kinds of professional learning experiences that can be adapted to meet the specific needs in your school. Some are available as packages that can be run in schools by a member of staff after a short mentoring process and others will require one of our consultants to facilitate the process in your school.

Most popular now as schools review the needs of students is a well researched and trialled Whole School Approach to Spelling.

Other processes and learning experiences include:

Krashen in Miller (2009) says that no single literary activity has more positive effect on students’ comprehension, vocabulary knowledge, spelling, writing ability, and overall academic achievement than free voluntary reading.

Krashen, S. (2004). The power of reading: Insights from the research. Portsmouth, NH: Heinemann

Miller, D (2009). The Book Whisperer Jossey-Bass CA

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