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Writing Instruction K-6

Written by Jan Turbill and Wendy Bean

Foreword by Mem Fox

The authors explore what is important about effective writing instruction, how it is situated within all the modes of literacy, and “why we do what we do” in writing instruction today. By refocusing on writing process and emphasising the need for all students to consider audience, purpose and genre when writing, K-6 teachers will find an effective road map for enhancing their writing instruction. Also included are staff development activities, exemplars of children’s writing and in the appendices, a variety of practical formative assessments and monitoring forms. Order Form

Download: Get Chapter 4 for free from the RC Owens website

What Are The Others Doing? Guided Audio CD Collection (
Guided Audio CD, Teachers’ Notes and 6 books in each set)

Developed with Wendy Bean 

This series consists of 12 carefully crafted CD recordings based on Learning Media Literacy titles, designed for small groups of students using listening posts. The recordings will engage a group of children in a meaningful book based activity while teacher-led guided reading takes place. Order Form

Tutor Systems

Tutor Systems has been a classroom favourite in Australian schools for over 30 years. MTA have now updated the series with Wendy Bean, Education Consultant. Sixteen new titles are now available with revised content and design which reflect today’s curriculum. Tutor Systems is an independent student activity with a self correcting feature. The activity includes Tutor Systems books and a set of tiles in a tray. The new series covers four areas of literacy at four levels:  Phonics 1-4, Vocabulary 1-4, Spelling 1-4, Reading 1-4.  Aimed at students in K/P/R to Y3. Order Form

How to be a Hot Speller Tips and Tricks for Spelling Success

Wendy Bean

A 12-step, practical ‘training’ program for 8-10 year olds upwards. This is not a teaching program but a resource for students who want to have fun and improve their spelling. The book includes a huge number of fun tips about spelling, all aimed at having fun with words while improving spelling skills. Purchase from Scholastic Australia.

English for Purpose

Written by Wendy Bean and published by Oxford University Press Australia, the English for a Purpose series provides a Student Book and CD-ROM pack for each level, with essential learning built around the three interrelated strands of the Australian Curriculum: English: Language, Literature and Literacy. Purchase from Oxford University Press Australia.

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