Creating a Learning Environment:Successful Behaviours

Never has good classroom management been more important. Successful Behaviours is a simple social skills program with a literacy focus. It was developed and trialled in several schools with outstanding results. The main aims of the program are to improve student behaviour by engaging students in learning, building self-esteem and empowering them to use language in effective ways and engage in their learning. The power of the program is in a whole school approach.

The ‘program’ is easy to follow and time efficient. The purpose of Successful Behaviours is to:

• put a consistent program in place in all classrooms that reflects the school mission and vision statement and

• contribute to the continued development of the school as a learning community through the development of effective behaviours and literacy skills.

It is designed to put in place  approaches to discipline and social skills that:

√ are used in conjunction with the school discipline policy

√ redirects behaviour positively
√ promotes trusting relationships between the teacher and students
√ is accepted as fair by students
√ engenders parental support and assistance
√ is efficient and easy to use
√ is firm, consistent and is driven by high expectations.

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Teachers who take time early in the year to listen to students and explain carefully the rationales underlying rules and assignments are making a wise investment. This ultimately will establish teacher credibility and reduce students’ tendencies to continue to test the teacher throughout the year.
(Good and Brophy 1973)

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