Effective Schools

Effective Schools brings together the best professional learning  processes and resources to support school leaders and teachers to meet the needs of all students through improved teaching and learning.

We offer small project management, a range of  professional learning activities and resources. All will be adapted to meet the specific needs of your school. At Effective Schools, our services are consistently rated highly by our clients:

  • Very insightful and highly relevant.
  • Very inspiring, will go and plan for changes in my writing program.
  • It was energising and good to reflect on what I am doing well and what else I can do.
  • Excellent, inspiring, lots of practical ideas, some revisited which is great, confirmed many thoughts, challenged others.
  • Many, many thanks for your presentation. Teachers have absolutely loved your informative and affirming session. You gave them many practical ideas that they could use in their classrooms and also challenged their practice in the teaching of spelling. In their words: “A fantastic start to the day. Wendy was dynamic, interesting, practical and clear in her speaking, explaining and demonstrating.”

Meet Wendy Bean, the director of Effective Schools.

  • Find out about the Professional Learning services we offer and make an enquiry.
  • Browse our Publications.
  • Access the range of online resources that we have collected for you.
  • Download and print a fact sheet about Effective Schools to share with your staff and colleagues.


“We must have the goal of educating children to become real readers, not simply students who answer test questions correctly but leave school with no interesting picking up a book ever again. If we want engaged, active readers and citizens, we must make reading a joyful adventure.” (page 31)

Mosaic of Thought by Keene, Ellin Oliver; Zimmerman, Susan. Heinemann 2007

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