Schools today need to respond to the challenge of continual improvement in order to deliver high quality learning programs that are responsive to every student’s needs and result in enhanced learning outcomes.

Effective Schools delivers integrated, research based professional learning and mentoring programs for principals, teachers and parents to ensure that schools are best placed to respond to this challenge.

“Like all professions, it is essential for teachers to continue learning — and it is this philosophy that is at the heart of the Performance and Development Framework..,” Minister for Education Adrian Piccoli says.

The new framework being introduced in 2015 will involve teachers in setting professional development goals and engaging in reflection and feedback to refine goals, culminating in an annual review for every teacher, principal and executive to support their plans for the next cycle. Effective Schools offers a range of professional learning experiences that will support these processes as well as  build the capacity of school staff and the broader school community to improve the learning outcomes of their students.

Our goal is to support you in achieving your professional developmental goals and assist in developing a student centred whole school approach to teaching and learning.

With knowledgeable and effective teachers led by an effective leadership team ongoing success is assured.

We support the:

DEVELOPMENT of effective literacy strategies K-6 through shared beliefs and the building of a professional learning community.

APPLICATION of exemplary research based literacy and leadership practices.

UNDERSTANDING  research in ways that builds capacity in teachers who can articulate why they do what they do.

IMPLEMENTATION of ongoing tracking and monitoring and that informs daily teaching, reinforced by effective feedback.

PROVISION of a plan to continue whole school development.

We invite you to explore our range of professional learning services, publications and online resources and contact us if your school would like to become an effective school.

Wendy Bean
Director Effective Schools


“Learning to read and write ought to be one of the most joyful and successful of human undertakings.”

Don Holdaway  The Foundations of Literacy 1979, 11

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